Business relies more heavily on factors like emotional intelligence and mindset compared to the popular belief of IQ being the determining element for entrepreneurial success. Being in tune with the feelings, perceptions and the sense of self is what builds a good businessperson. People are ruled by their minds, specifically the subconscious mind. Being the most powerful mind amongst all three consciousness, those in business must train their subconscious a certain way. An entrepreneur has to develop their mindset so that it can help their businesses grow and prosper. This necessary development comes in the form of positive affirmations and thinking in entrepreneurship. Here, we are going to discuss how these positive affirmations help the businessperson and the business.

How is pessimism inhibiting you?

We have established that the subconscious mind is limitless and the most powerful of all. The subconscious is also, heavily influenced by how you think about yourself and what emotions you are repressing. You might act a certain way but feel quite differently about it and the subconscious is going to register the latter. With a constant emphasis on your negative emotions, you are putting yourself down to your own mind. Entrepreneurs must be confident, assertive, creative and possess good self-esteem. When you constantly negate yourself, wallow in pessimism, jump to the worst conclusions and not keep faith in yourself, you are telling your mind that this is who you are and reaffirming it to yourself over and over. This ends up killing your drive and diluting your ambitions because you lose morale. However, it is important to remember that such emotions are not invalid, if an entrepreneur wishes to succeed despite going through the pessimistic wave, they must consult with a professional who can help them out in this situation.

Benefits of positive affirmations

When you have an optimistic mindset, the subconscious registers that over the pessimism and the fruit it bears is sweet. Increased morale, a better work ethic, better relationships and creativity blooms. Positive thinking in entrepreneurship is the secret to success in business. Most entrepreneurs have been very vocal about how optimism helped them stand their ground in the face of adversities and remain steady through storms. Entrepreneurs need to harness this power and act accordingly in order to give themselves that leverage that will help them optimize themselves and with it, help them expand their business to achieve success.

Avoiding self-scrutiny

Outsiders can be critical of you and more often than not, those criticisms aren’t constructive. However, self-scrutiny is a much bigger pain. Subjecting yourself through extreme criticism yourself is an unhealthy habit. A positive mindset knows how much criticism is necessary for the betterment and when to stop. For example, a 21-year-old entrepreneur will not possess the same calibre and flair in business similar to that of a 35-year-old who has been in this field for much longer. With an optimistic mind, the younger entrepreneur will be able to differentiate between the criticism they are taking in to get better in their field versus the criticism they are taking in because they are comparing the quality of their work to that of someone who has just been in the department for a much longer period of time solely due to their age.

Higher energy levels

Mental pressure can take a huge toll physically. Anyone suffering from mental health issues also suffers from a lot of physical health issues. Anxiety can result in high blood pressure, a higher pulse rate, breathing troubles, palpitations and so much more. Similarly, mental health issues such as depression can translate into joint pains and body aches, digestive issues, excessive lethargy, low immunity, etcetera. This is because, the brain hormones are not balanced and thus, it is taking up excessive energy. Anxiety tends to use enormous amounts of energy because it has the mind flared up at all times. These factors are draining the human body off of all its energy. Positivity stems from the lack of such issues. The mind, when focused on the present and on the good, is happy. A healthy mind is a healthy you. With the brain functioning properly, it is not taking up excess energy and hence, the energy levels are much higher. Ergo, positive thinking in entrepreneurship paves down the road to success.

Efficiency in problem-solving

When a laptop has too many softwares and apps with a low RAM, it cannot function properly and tends to overheat when the CPU usage is too high. Similarly, when a mind has a lot of unwanted thoughts swarming through the head at all times, it loses efficiency. A positive and healthy mind, however, possesses the necessary space to grasp and process new information. When there is a new problem or threat in business, someone with a positive mind will be able to come up with better and effective solutions because their mind is functioning in a manner smooth enough to let them comprehend stressful information instead of going into a state of panic.

Higher Resilience

A business takes time to build. Success never comes overnight for entrepreneurs. They almost always have to go through a ton of hardships, setbacks and adversities, especially in the initial stages of their business. For some, it might be the lack of profits, for some, it might be heavy losses and being in debt, for some it might be not having enough capital in the first place and a multitude of other reasons. A positive mind gives entrepreneurs the power and strength to face such misfortunes and not back down. Every journey has setbacks and in order to be successful, one has to be able to stand tall in the face of adversity. Believing in the self and believing in the dream is a boon to have when one needs to battle such threats. American professor Barbara Fredrickson believes that “positive emotions help speed recovery from negative emotions, even if the positive thinking is self-generated.”


All of these factors make optimism a necessity in the field of business. Even for the ones who feel like it is impossible to let go of the negativity, there is always a way out. Help can always be found. Every entrepreneur must strive to acquire this optimism since positive affirmations and thinking in entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of entrepreneurial success.