Influencivepress X (Growth Hacking)

What is Growth Hacking?

It is the process of achieving large amounts of growth in a short period of time. Early-stage startups use this strategy to maximize growth quickly, efficiently and within a small budget. It is a relatively new field in the market of digital marketing. The goal of this type of marketing is to attract as many customers as possible while spending as little as possible. This is achieved by non-traditional ways of promotion such as targeted advertisements, social media marketing, and viral marketing instead of paying media houses such as radio, newspapers and television large amounts of money for an advertisement. This helps maximize the reach of a new organization within a short time frame which also helps in making it visible to bigger corporate agencies. A growth hacker is somebody who utilizes inventive, easy techniques to assist organizations with gaining and holding clients. Now and then, growth hackers are likewise called growth advertisers, yet growth hackers are not just advertisers. Anybody associated with an item or service, including item directors and engineers, can be a growth hacker.

Influencivepress Digital Media is a marketing agency for growth hacking, helping small and upcoming businesses to widen their reach rapidly within a budget. It helps businesses optimize themselves and generate leads. As a marketing agency, Influencivepress deals with strategies such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Public Relations and Media Relations. All of these are services that are essential for the process of growth hacking. Here, we are going to discuss how Influencivepress can help businesses via this method.

How Influencivepress hacks growth

Curate the perfect content

Influencivepress helps businesses in finding a target customer base. It then analyses the needs and requirements of the target and helps brands curate the perfect products and services that would satisfy its customers and help generate profits. For example, if you own a company that sells home décor, the products must look aesthetically appealing since the customers will be purchasing those products to make their homes look more beautiful. It is necessary for you to curate/create products that can be versatile in nature so that a wider range of the audience is willing to buy it. Additional information about the product such as examples of how to use them as décor by positioning them in certain places of the house for maximum appeal will attract more customers.

Targeted Ads  

Everyone uses social media in today’s age and time. Think about how you were googling a certain product and suddenly you see ads for that product on Facebook. This is how targeted ads work when it comes to growth hacking. Servers trace your digital footprints to find what you like and display ads on your timeline pertaining to that.

Social Media Marketing

This is an extremely cost-effective way to promote a business. It is free, one can analyze how certain social media algorithms work and market accordingly in order to maximize reach and attract as many people as possible. The reach can be boosted on apps such as Instagram for a fee. That fee is nowhere near as close to how much the business would have to pay had it decided to get advertised by media houses. Some social media apps have specific market pages for buying and selling products.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer market is one of the most bustling markets on Instagram and YouTube. Often, brands offer free products to influencers with high follower counts and they promote those products. Having a large number of people learning about those products creates a bigger customer base for the brand. Youtubers indulge in something similar in the form of paid promotions on their YouTube channels. Influencivepress is capable of handling this type of Influencer Marketing for brands and is one of the very few marketing agencies in India to do so since India’s influencer market and culture is relatively newer.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most effective ways of marketing when it comes to growth hacking.The demand for it is extremely high and is required by businesses irrespective of their status. Influencivepress helps websites reach the first pages of the search engine result pages by using backlinks, keywords, proper anchor texts, etcetera. Since they also work with content creating, graphic designing and web designing, they help companies present the perfect website layout and content that would attract more traffic to their websites and help with optimizing their reach on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Analysing Performance

Influencivepress helps analyse the performances of brands and work accordingly. It registers the feedbacks from the customers to find out what they require or what can be improved and market the business in a way that it will be able to fit the needs of its target audience.  


With a background in coding and programming languages, Influencivepress is able to optimize a company’s growth because it knows how to deal with the technicalities and automation of marketing. This is the key factor that separates growth hackers from marketers because the latter does not need to require skills for coding. Being able to do HTML, CSS, use tracking tools such as Google Analytics and advertising on Adwords or Facebook puts them ahead of their competitors when it comes to optimizing the business for brands.


One of the main pearls of wisdom that one must have when it comes to growth hacking, is the realization that no one understands what will work and what will fall flat. This applies to startup thoughts, channels and conversion optimization. That is the reason Influencivepress will experiment for the brand. By attempting a channel/strategy in a little experiment, a great deal of time and money can be saved. On the off chance that during an experiment it doesn’t work, at that point, one would not need to put resources into it. In the event that it does, the company can continue investigating. Thus, Influencivepress guarantees a higher ROI (“Return on Investment”) by investing energy in the best channels.