Who is the teacher of your life?

When I started out as a Digital Marketer, I learned most of what I know today from one of the greatest teachers in the world, Google!

That’s right. And also this is the reason, the education list in my profile mentions Google as an educating experience.

Right now I’m building my potential in Digital Marketing. Every day, I learn something new and important from Google that I would never know otherwise.

It all started with blogging, I started blogging in the year 2011 on Blogspot. My first three blogs didn’t succeed because I lacked skills like SEO, Content Marketing, etc. So, it became very important for me to learn these skills because that was the only way I could succeed. Guess where I learned them? Yes! Google it is!

I always wanted to start my business but I didn’t have enough money to start it. I googled how to make money online and came across the demand for SEO and social media marketing on these platforms.

Consequently, I started learning about it. Again with Google. I learned most of the things in my career with Google. Google is the greatest teacher of my life. What about you?

When I started as a blogger, I learned most of the things from one of the most outstanding teachers globally, Google. Yes, that’s right. Though it sounds odd, it’s true. It is the reason I mentioned Google in my education list as an educational experience. I passed out of college with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. And right now, I’m building my career in Digital Marketing & blogging. Every day, I learn something new and fascinating things from Google that I would never know otherwise.

Google also helps in education. In the COVID-19 situation, we all are stuck in the house. The students can’t go to schools and colleges for knowledge. So, they depend on online teaching. At this moment, what can be the most accessible thing to learn anything, Google? Yes, they can know, explore, and also took a regular class on Google. There are several ways to use Google in education.

  1. Google Scholar

This application lets people look for scholarly material from a single place. The genuineness of the information upsurges as it doesn’t show public web content that they mostly get on a search engine. It is free to use and can be effortlessly opened by anyone to search for information in any field of study, including several sources like articles, abstracts, and books. It comprises links to the innovative articles or the full text, and one can also save the developed material and orientation for future use.

  1. Google Classroom

It was released in 2014. The application is for schools that pursue distributing and categorizing projects, simplify creating in a paperless way. It participates in many of Google’s services, like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, to help educational formations switch to a system that would be paperless. Projects are created and circulated among students with Google Drive, and classroom statement is delivered through Gmail. Teachers can add students directly from the Google Apps directory or produce a code to enter to gain entry to the class.

  1. Gmail

An email has been demonstrated to be the best process of communication in the online world. Gmail is the indubitable front-runner in this field. It is one of the most secure, famous, influential, and free mailing patrons on the Internet. The schools can oppress their device management, online storage facility, and email notification capacity. Schools use it to send messages to their students, parents, or school workforce. Report cards can be sent distinctly to the students and parents quickly. As stated earlier, Gmail can be used together with other services to advance efficiency.

  1. Google Alerts

It is one of the minor known services provided by Google. It is a free application that is content change recognition. It is a notification facility that sends emails to the user when it finds new results about the topic for which the alert has been set. Instead of repeatedly browsing the Internet for the same issue, which can be annoying and monotonous, one can set an alert using this simple tool. They can get notified whenever new data is available online. Students and teachers can use this technique to stay well-informed of the latest growths in the field of their curiosity.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular applications of Google. It is a free video-conferencing service available to teachers and students. It has got some unique features which set it separately from the crowd. Apart from being combined with other Google services like Gmail, YouTube, and Calendar, it permits one to communicate with up to ten users at a time. Teachers can use this service to help their students, or the students can illuminate their worries even when they are in different places. Schools can invite visitors to inspire their students through video conferencing, or a well-known faculty can be asked to take a class online. The fantastic app has already engaged the center phase and has gained approval among the educationalists too.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud-based storage. It allows people to store their files online. Besides keeping almost all types of files online, it also permits the users to coordinate files across their devices and share the files. Schools can use this facility to deliver all the learning and educational materials online in one place. They can share the link with the teachers and students to increase contact with the mandatory folder. As mentioned earlier, the teachers can upload projects for the students in separate folders for different classes. The students can also give in to their complete homework there. Features like Google Slides, Sheets, Docs, and Forms wide-ranging the package.

  1. Google Books

Those days had gone when people had to buy a book for studying or take library membership to learn anything from the book there. Google Books is a tool offered by Google. It has brought the library into pockets. It is a digital library comprising over 25 million scanned books. It gives people exceptional entry to almost every book. It is a benefit for the students who do not have entree to a library. It is also helpful for teachers as they can also look at any idea from several viewpoints.