Graphic Designing

People enjoy innovation and creativity. Content which is simply informative in nature without any creative features involved. It will always fall flat against exciting, entertaining content. Graphic Designing visually communicates content through the use of typography, tones, colours, illustrations, iconography and photography. Graphic designers deal with factors such as the layouts, fonts, styles and other visual styles in order to communicate itself to its consumers and optimize their user experience. Logos, branding, web designing, signage and editorial layouts of magazines are some of the sub-groups that are categorized under this umbrella. One of the prevalent examples of this are fast-food companies using the colour “red” in their logos (KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Burger King) because the colour red is said to invoke hunger.  The origins of this can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian eras where people communicated via hieroglyphics. 

Influencivepress offers this service to their clients and the brands they are working with to help them approach a more interactive and effective way to profess their message and content to their customers. A team of creatives, they strive to keep their designs and styles fresh, new and exciting which helps attract more consumers. 

How Influencivepress uses Graphic Designing to help businesses

Build Impression

Building the correct first impression is crucial. When it comes to brands, people are susceptible to “judging the book by its cover”. The design of your logo decides how your business is viewed by potential customers. A dull, bland and boring logo or outer appearance may cause the people to turn away and show no interest in your image or brand. If you have an intriguing and extraordinary logo, individuals will gravitate towards it and are bound to recollect it. At Influencivepress, experienced visual designers create a logo which is a genuine portrayal of your business esteems while being appealing to the masses. This is how Graphic Designing helps make a positive initial impact in the psyches of the buyers. 

Builds Brand Recognition

Maintaining uniformity in logos and brandings when it comes to websites, social media and other marketing agencies, help make a business look consistent. Maintaining this consistent image visually makes people automatically connect the logo to the brand without the need of associating with the brand name. For example, when you see the yellow M against a red background, you immediately know that this is McDonald’s. This works as a brilliant strategy for marketing. Influencivepress works to build a solid visual identity for brands to emphasize on its values and objectives. Since the logo of a company is used in all facets of its marketing such as its hoardings, placards, brochures and websites, it establishes a visual brand identity for it and creates a psychological connection in the minds of the people with the logo and its brand. 


People are emotional in nature. Even the most practical and realistic people are ultimately governed by their emotions. Ergo, visual appearance acts as an impactful tool for marketing and strategizing. Even though the informative content is what matters the most, the visual appeal is necessary to draw people to engage with the content which requires to be communicated. Influencivepress helps beautify the content for its brands, create exciting advertising, keep it trendy and fresh as per the target audience. Since the market is highly saturated and competitive, a captivating external appearance which is more communicative and attractive than that of its competitors helps a brand stay ahead in the race. 

Enhance user experience 

Visual communication is generally utilized both on paper materials and in a wide range of interfaces. Individuals don’t have the patience to consume extremely heavy material whether on a handout or on the organization site. Realistic planning can morph that material into fascinating pictures or illustrations. All things considered, planned designs or pictures can undoubtedly pass on the data or message in an unpretentious manner. It improves the client experience as the watcher doesn’t need to invest energy consuming a ton of data. The brilliant designs are satisfying to the eyes and make the substance all the more intriguing. Modified realistic components help upgrade route and boosting convenience. Designs help formulate a simple route through the site or application, affecting transformations and retaining the users. Furthermore, the clients additionally get tasteful joy from review trendy visual components and consonant organization. Influencivepress is dedicated to helping brands achieve this with their graphic designing calibre. 

Maximize Sales

One of the primary motives of a business is to incur profits. Insightfully created visual communication pieces can help support up deals and enhance sales. Individuals are drawn towards any exceptional design. They get a message from a quality plan. The message might be that the organization that has formatted the plan, produces excellent goods and services. Individuals get such messages by implication in their brains when they see a remarkable logo plan, business card, and other such plans. This brings individuals closer to brands on numerous occasions. When the array of realistic plans has effectively had a constructive outcome on the consumers, a large number of them become steadfast, loyal clients. This is on the grounds that visual computerization promoting things helps in highlighting and projecting an organization as a reliable brand. Influencivepress uses its design strategy to aid brands with stabilized growth in the market, increase brand awareness, and build a customer base that will engage with the brand and thus, provide them with sales.

Build Goodwill 

Graphic designing assists with formulating an expert brand image. This expert image helps in building trust and credibility with consumers through psychological means. Building trust helps in persuading the purchasers about the items and services possessing high quality when being advertised. Organizations that have had the option to construct solid goodwill throughout the years are the ones that can flourish in the long run. A great visual layout for a brand is valuable in creating a correspondence which can assist with consumers building a strong trust for a brand, thus, compelling them to acquire brand loyalty. Influencivepress builds this goodwill for brands in the market to not only to enhance the brand loyalty amongst existing customers, but to also acquire potential customers and investors.