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How to grow your Instagram followers organically in 2024

Instagram followers

Many Instagram users ask a similar question: is it possible to grow our Instagram followers organically? The answer is yes. Instagram is a social media platform that is primarily visual. As a social media platform, it is steadily becoming one of the most sought after sites for various brand endorsements and promotions. Additionally, Instagram is also vouched as a hotspot for different marketing strategies that rely heavily upon instant user interaction and response. Today most of the top brands and companies are on Instagram, with their social media account managed by experts in the field. 

They create avenues for online shopping and connecting to the market. In this cut-throat business and competition, there are ways to increase their number of followers. They can be either raised organically or paid. If you are behind your Instagram journey, all this might seem new and unsure. Even old users often run behind the search. Worry not, you have arrived at just the right place! Here in this listicle, you will be going through ways in which your Instagram followers might have a rise, organically!

Select your type of content: Instagram is made for reacting to and sharing photos and videos. Specifically, images get more traction here than on Facebook. Hence, to achieve a favorable audience and attention, you must know what content you are sharing. Instagram is a hub of numerous types of content. You will observe that each page maintains a set of images and videos in a particular order. Create your content by following how these pages use different editing tools to edit and structure their content to engage with their audience. Create topical content. Know which content is in vogue in a particular order. Create relatable content so that your target audience has a clear connection. Only then will your followers increase. 

Using proper hashtag: Instagram community thrives on the use of appropriate hashtags. The right hashtags create significant raise in audience engagement and will undoubtedly increase the number of likes and shares. The more the number of shares, the better. Use hashtags that are positively related to the content of your page. Hashtags are set up with an algorithm that enables the visibility of your content on search results. Place your hashtags beneath the post, either by the caption or in the comments. Continued practice of using hashtags will positively help in generating followers organically.

Follow related accounts: It is essential to note associated charges on Instagram that adhere to your page’s contents. For example, if your content is on music, compile a list of all the main accounts on music, songwriters, singers, media persons, and related fan accounts. Remember that all of these accounts engage with the very same audience as yours. Compare their content, the topics they choose, the posts that get the most number of responses, and the schedules they follow (if any). Based on this information, build your content and create strategies to promote it. Do not replicate them, but make your niche. Your Instagram followers are bound to grow.

Remember to like and comment on related content: Instagram community is essential for an authentic rise in followers. You must follow the pages of related content as yours to keep a check on their posts. But that is not enough. Engage with a complete sense of authenticity and dedication. Like their posts. Please share them in your stories. Please leave comments about how much you enjoy and like their content. It helps build a genuine sense of community, where many of these pages will follow you back, and that will organically increase your followers.

Consistency: If you want to build your content and have an organic rise of followers on your page, be consistent. Consistency is the key to Instagram, where you can achieve a significant increase in the number of followers without spending money on promotions. Make posts quite often, and post with regularity. Do not vanish after some time, and imagine that your followers will stay with you. To remain on the ongoing journey of increasing followers, be consistent. Even if you post on a semi-regular basis, keep your audience updated with Instagram stories and links to your work. It will provide a favourable impression on your followers and show that you are genuinely interested in your content.

Use Instagram Live: Instagram Live is an excellent way of getting new Instagram followers. An Instagram live is made for streaming live videos from your page. An Instagram live stands first in the section of stories in your followers’ pages. Hence, views and reactions are guaranteed. Keep your life scheduled, so your followers know that you will come live from before. Keep the live video short and engaging. Ask for Q/A’s in the form of comments. Don’t say something that might hurt the sentiments of your followers. Instagram Live is one direct way by which your followers come face-to-face with you. So be sure to engage rather than hide behind the camera. In this way, you can surely hope for a rise in the number of followers on your page.

Co-promotion: Instagram is a community-based model that thrives on interaction and response. To garner more Instagram followers, you can occasionally compliment another page in your account. Often, a shout out or a mention helps establish a sense of genuine admiration and response. State the comments or your stories. Post content on your page from their account in your feed. It is called reposting and is a growing method used for co-marketing. Give proper acknowledgments to the original page and build a relationship with the creator. But you must always ask for their permission before reposting. It will not only promote their content but also develop your relevance in the community. It is termed as co-promotion and is an excellent way to publicize your name and other related content. In this way, you will see a steady rise in interest in your profile and a subsequent rise in the number of Instagram followers organically.

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