Integrated Marketing Solutions

Integrated Marketing Solutions is the amalgamation of various forms of marketing strategies through various channels that are centred around communication into one particular strategy that fits the brand’s objectives the best. It is more popularly referred to as Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC and helps to establish a seamless user experience between the consumers and the brand. It is significant on the grounds that publicizing materials tend to function better together than by itself. This means that a promotional tactic is more efficient when the marketing strategy comprises of various forms of publicity such as advertising, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media marketing, sales promotions, public relations, traditional direct marketing, and etcetera instead of using just one particular tactic. A well-established and efficient marketing effort is governed by the 4 Ps. Namely, Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Indeed, IMC falls under the Promotion classification, with its own arrangement of communication techniques. This methodology, however, is not very simple to execute. It requires consistent effort amidst rising difficulties and adversaries. Influencivepress Digital Media Private Limited is a marketing agency that collaborates with brands and businesses to help them market themselves and incorporated various styles of marketing. Thus, with their versatility in this department, they excel at handling marketing that calls for the unification of multiple marketing strategies. They use these tactics to help their clients gain advantages over their competitors in the market and gives them the upper hand in order to aid their increment in sales.

How does Influencivepress use Integrated Marketing Communications to benefit organizations?

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Awareness

Marketing begins with acquiring a customer base. It is this customer that the organization must primarily cater to and satisfy in order to generate profits and sales. Influencivepress helps businesses and brands get noticed by what could be potential customers. A large number of marketing strategies can be used to do this such as search engine marketing via the usage of pay-per-click ads, public relations or using media relations to acquire advertising slots in the media houses. The wider the range of the channels being used for integrated marketing solutions, the higher the visibility of the brand. Since Influencivepress offers a large variety of marketing, starting from a more traditional form of advertisement to the most tech-savvy digital marketing strategies, they are the perfect choice for upcoming businesses. The best part is they offer their services at a price which is affordable for smaller businesses who cannot afford to spend fortunes on advertising.

Better Results

With conventional publicity campaigns, customers discover that organizations are setting up various lobbies for a variety of independent advertising streams. There are public statements, press releases, advertisements, sales promotions and direct marketing. Every one of these advertising tactics will have their preferred spots or areas of execution, and never will they meet while carrying out their obligations. However, Influencivepress adopts an integrated approach and a coordinated methodology because it helps guarantee every one of these units to meet up and shape one major and effective advertising master plan. The data delivered by the press is supported by blog entries and articles, outer promoting offices, sales teams and so on. Thus, it helps brands and businesses achieve a clear communicative strategy so that they can engage with their target audience and provide them with the maximum satisfaction which will help the brands acquire increased sales and better results.

Reduction in Advertising Expenditure

Running a business requires entrepreneurs to constantly invest in it and its policies. The goal is to invest that money into those tactics so that they can be multiplied so, it is crucial for businesses to minimize their costs and cut down on expenditure as much as possible. Influencivepress and its integrated marketing solutions strive to cut down unnecessary costs for their clients. They do this by using similar images and their copies across various different media channels instead of producing newer images for every particular channel. Using an external communication supplier also does the job. Let’s assume a brand wants to upload music across a variety of marketing platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, etcetera. This method can be very expensive for the brand and incur steep prices for them. However, if they work with an external communication supplier, these costs get reduced by a huge margin because the brand gets to cut down on agency fees by working with a single firm that offers IMC services. As Influencivepress is an agency that offers enough marketing services to be able to handle large scale IMC for a brand, the brand does not have to spend their finances on a variety of advertising strategies by engaging with separate channels. One could almost refer to them as the wholesaler of marketing.

Improvement in Search Results

Businesses and organizations must be aware of what their target audience is being displayed when they search their brands on search engines. Influencivepress helps brands to level up when it comes to search marketing. Publicity strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SMM) help brands improve their search results on the search engine result pages. They are also fairly cheap, with SEO not requiring brands to pay money to external organizations and SEM incurring costs only when a potential customer clicks on a pay-per-click ad. The best and the most efficient part about the latter is when a customer chooses to engage with a PPC, they are generally doing so in order to make a purchase from that brand. Thus, this covers up the cost incurred and also generates profit through the purchase made by the customer.

Transparency in Brand-to-Consumer Interaction

At the core of each integrated marketing solutions program, is a system that is unified and possesses transparent, clear and informative regulations. Brands can never know when a consumer is likely to experience them or learn about them. Influencivepress works with brands to build up an attack plan for each channel and formulates an engaging story for it. This helps in minimizing the amount of time that a business would require for potential customers to get well acquainted with their brand image.