Our minds process information and lightning-fast speed. It is like having multiple tabs open at once. This can take a huge toll on you both physically and mentally and reduce your productivity. Meditating helps in organizing those thoughts and makes the mind a serene place brimming with tranquility. American-Belarusian Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk swears by the art of meditation. He believes it is the next big business wave. Rather, a significant number of entrepreneurs believe in meditating for it enhances the awareness, perspective, focus and helps you attain a clear, stable mind. These are characteristics that are highly prized by entrepreneurs since possessing a clear mindset is the stepping stone to achieving success. Below are a few ways entrepreneurs can benefit from meditating.

Concentration and Focus

Successful entrepreneurship requires a focused entrepreneur. The mind likes to wander everywhere. We are overloaded with new information on the regular and it is normal for the mind to get disoriented when processing a ton of information. Meditating helps you concentrate your thoughts in an intended manner. A disciplined meditation routine can give you control over your thoughts, help it slow down and build focus. Businesspeople need to handle a variety of departments at once. Thus, a strong focus will help them work better and not crumble under heavy pressure.

Reduces Anxiety

Being in a constant state of fear is extremely taxing for the mind and the body. Anxiety is a lethal mental illness which is, unfortunately, extremely common. Every second person you come across probably suffers from it. With a mind that is always functioning in a “fight or flight” mode because you have no control over it, it can be exceedingly hard to work. It can also be exceedingly hard for people with anxiety to assert themselves or start projects and ventures since the mind tricks them into assuming the worst at all times and kills morale. Entrepreneurs need to be assertive and have the courage to take initiatives and execute them in order to be successful. Meditation helps people gradually gain control over the mind and minimize fear.

Improved Cognition

An entrepreneur must excel at comprehension, judgment, gaining knowledge, thinking and rationalizing in order to succeed. They need to process information from multiple sources at once without it taking a toll on them. Meditating helps them acquire a clear and composed mind which can absorb information faster and better, analyze that information, provide sound judgment, think creatively, etcetera. Surveys have been conducted to test the cognitive abilities of groups of people where one group is made to meditate and then work versus a group that has not meditated. Within one session of meditating, the group that had meditated showed higher cognition over that of the group which did not meditate. Thus, meditating regularly can work wonders for a person’s cognitive skills.

Enhance Creativity

Entrepreneurship requires creativity. A creative brand will always win over the people when in competition with a brand that is not creative. One must be innovative. Open-monitoring meditation is a process used to optimize divergent thinking. Unlike anxiety, it helps the mind jump from one thought to another in an effective way to help it in coming up with innovative ideas instead of procuring negative thoughts. The meditator has complete control of their thoughts. It also helps in aiding flexibility of attention and minimizes cognitive rigidity. This flexibility in the mind and thought pattern helps give birth to new and exciting ideas that are creative and can be implemented by the entrepreneurs for their brands or businesses, thus, grabbing the consumer’s attention.

Increase Mental Capacity

It is believed that the human brain gradually begins to deteriorate once they cross 30 years of age. A meditation routine can prevent this from happening initially and with the onset of age, slow down this deterioration. It is detrimental for entrepreneurs to have a mind that is increasingly efficient through and through because they have a lot on their plate at all times. It generates higher accuracy in thought because while meditating, one has to concentrate their thoughts. People who meditate regularly have a better mental capacity than that of those who do not. Older people who meditate tend to have higher accuracy and capacity in their minds that people that are much younger to them and do not meditate.

Improvement in the levels of sleep and energy

A mind that is congested with unwanted thoughts is unable to rest. High stress and anxiety levels are often correlated to nightmares and insomnia. A mind that is unable to rest is a mind that cannot maximize its productivity because it is always too tired and yet, is processing thoughts and information rapidly. Since meditation helps tame anxiety and stress levels, it improves our sleep and energy. Entrepreneurs require to be productive and have high energy levels at all times and thus, they cannot afford to be in a constant state of fatigue. They need a stable sleep cycle so that their minds can function properly and handle all the tasks at hand. In approximately eight weeks of practice, one can start to experience the stabilization of their minds but it is essential to consistently carry out this practice and make it a part of the daily routine.

How to meditate: For Beginners

  1.     Set a timer for how long you want to meditate. Start with smaller time periods.
  2.     Sit upright, breathe from your diaphragm. Make sure the stomach expands as you breathe in and contracts as you breathe out.
  3.     Make sure you hold your breath after 2-3 seconds after inhaling.
  4.     Exhale slowly.
  5.     Focus on the airflow of your breath.
  6.     As you do that, multiple thoughts will begin to arise in your head. It could be about work, it could be about your social life, it could be something as trivial as your head itching or you thinking about what you want to eat after the session.
  7.     Do not break the focus. Keep repeating the breathing process and focusing on the breath until the time is up.
  8.     Gradually increase the timing as you keep meditating regularly.