What is the Law of Attraction?

The ability to attract our manifestations is called the “Law of Attraction”. It is regarded as one of the laws which govern the universe. Not just the universe but it is believed to govern everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, gender, age or religion. It is the Law of Attraction which utilizes the intensity of the psyche to interpret whatever is in our considerations and emerge them into the real world. In essential terms, all of our musings can transform into things in the long run. It is necessary to not centre the mind around negativity because that could keep you under a haze. Focusing on positive thoughts will help you find a way to achieve your dreams with massive action.

How do Entrepreneurs use this law?

Entrepreneurs often use the Law of Attraction in order to achieve success and attract abundance. As a philosophical concept, a lot of practical, grounded people tend to detest the functioning of something as intangible as manifestation. However, as mystical as it may sound, this law is not a mythical, magical concept. Here, we are going to talk about how this law works practically and helps entrepreneurship.


As an entrepreneur, you must practice being grateful for the elements in your life that bring you happiness and make things easy for you. Not everyone has a good life that keeps them happy and satisfied but there are always some things that can bring you happiness, be it your pet or a friend, or just the fact that you can afford decent food and do not have to sleep hungry at night. It is important to extend this gratitude to the business front. Count your blessings. If you have good colleagues or a good mentor, express your gratitude for that. You do not have to have a thriving business with an abundance of wealth in order to be grateful for the small things. Acknowledging other people’s contribution to your business will cause them to mirror your pattern and will give you more to be grateful for. A good relationship within the business front also helps in the betterment of the firm since business is based on relationships.


You must try to keep a positive mindset because harbouring negative thoughts about yourself or drawing the worst possible conclusions will destroy your morale. If you think about how miserable one situation is, your mind will draw parallels to highlight plenty of other miserable situations. This is unfruitful for entrepreneurship as it can hinder you mentally. Thus, you are accidentally attracting negativity into your life. The mind is the strongest part of us so it is necessary to fuel the engine of the mind with words of affirmation and positivity. The longer you latch onto your misery and shortcomings, the harder it gets for you to escape it so it is necessary for you to align yourself to higher, positive energy. Find out what works best for you in order to be positive, consult with a mentor or a counsellor and confide in trusted friends and family.

Acquire Clarity

You must focus on your thoughts and figure out what is it that you want. Your mind cannot help but wander into various departments and desires but narrow those desires down to what drives you to do what you do. Find out which element keeps you dreaming and working for your goals and focus on that first. The Law of Attraction does not fare well with mixed signals so this focus and clarity become very important for the entrepreneur to achieve. It is also necessary to act on this since the request and the action must be on the same tangent in order to achieve success in entrepreneurship.  

Believe in your success and go with the flow

In entrepreneurship, you should believe that success is inevitable for you and act accordingly. Do not be pestered over things not falling into place immediately. Take your time and keep striving for what is it that you want for yourself and your career. The “what” is up to you but the “how” relies heavily on circumstances that are moulded by a plethora of external situations over which you probably have no control over. So, it is essential for you to believe in yourself and go with the flow while working hard because the success of a business depends on a lot of factors which cannot be overcome just by hard work or good networking. The economy of a country, its political situation, threats from other businesses, etcetera are things that are beyond the control of an individual.

Have Big Dreams

In order to make your dreams come true, your actions must match them. For you to get the motivation to assert the amount of action necessary for your dreams to come true, you must never compromise on the quality of your dreams. Every successful entrepreneur has success today because they refused to settle for less and dreamt big. Let’s say your firm is a food joint which has just one branch as of now. You are under the belief that you can never branch out to different cities or go international so you just focus on branching out within your own city. This will minimize the action you take in the business and the amount of effort you put because you have already wired your subconscious to settle for something much lesser than what you actually want.

Relationship with time

The Law of Attraction deals primarily with your mindset. When you tell yourself you do not have time, your mind starts getting exhausted and drained from whatever work you are doing and mental exhaustion will prevent you from taking any action. If you believe you have enough time, you are not attracting more hours in the day via some magical force but you are shifting your mindset into a form of positive reaffirmation. With a good mindset, you will automatically experience a positive change in actions.