Digital marketing agencies are buzzing about the latest announcement from Google and Microsoft about AI. It is about search functionality powered by modern technology. The advancement and rise in software technology have made professionals work easily to complete their tasks faster. With the recent update by Google on content, the human factor has become essential for marketers and SEO companies. In this article, we will study SEO in the new AI age.

The AI role in SEO

Search engines are becoming more advanced in distinguishing human and machine-readable text. Artificial machine learning algorithms optimize search results based on user interests and location. Search engines use artificial intelligence to fully understand the user’s intent to optimize search algorithms for more accurate results.

The trend of artificial technology in the market has completely changed the personalization of content in the past few years. On the other hand, marketers benefit from fitting their content in search engine ranking algorithms to improve their performance. Let us take a deeper look into ways AI helps SEOs.

Ways AI is helping SEOs

It creates global keywords and not specific keywords

With the use of artificial intelligence, content writers are taking advantage of using global keywords to rank their websites around the entire globe. Artificial intelligence can review the pages but fluently lacks the quality of expressing languages, and the information generated is inaccurate. Using keywords that are specific and related to your niche is recommended. It helps to create more organic traffic. So, it’s no use relying on such technology to generate specific keywords for your content to attract a target audience.

Make formulas and markups

It can solve basic math problems as well as do content creation. Regarding complex mathematical problems, AI doesn’t solve problems with reasonable accuracy. Even in terms of information, artificial intelligence does not provide it with correctness and overall readability. It lacks the human factor, which is essential to writing a piece of information. With the latest content update by Google, providing quality and relevant information to viewers is necessary. If the information is not up to the mark, the user will face consequences that will be a negative indicator for their websites.

Creates titles and descriptions

With the help of AI, it has made it easy for content writers to create meta titles and descriptions, but it lacks the factor of relevancy. As mentioned before, it lacks the human factor essential for understanding a particular field of subject.

Artificial intelligence cannot understand your intent. So there is a lack of efficiency in relying on such technology to provide relevant results. It might be helpful in some way, but it won’t be an effective tool to provide better results.

Create content, but with errors

With the help of artificial technology, it has become very easy to write lengthy articles in less time. The problem with such technology is that you won’t get results with better accuracy, readability, and correctness. So, if you think it can write a correct piece of information, you are mistaken. Content created by software doesn’t live up to the mark, and there is incorrect information. Overall, in the end, it struggles with unique elements and requires human assistance to edit the information.


Those mentioned above are the details about SEO in the new AI age. As mentioned above, it has helped us in many ways but did not meet our expectations. In the future, it will greatly affect SEO and digital marketing agencies. It will be the tool that leads us to the new era of the digital world.