Activation and Events

Brands and businesses host events from time to time in order to market their products and services, promote their brand to increase their brand awareness, generate leads, increase customer engagement and the likes. These events can be held online or offline. This is referred to as Event Marketing. This strategy requires optimization in order to achieve the desire results. The process of covering every facet of event marketing down to the tiniest details is known as Event Activation. It helps brands analyze if their objectives have been met, if the investments were estimated accurately, if the investors considered their company credible enough and so on. It also takes care of other factors such as logistics, management of the event, installation, and etcetera. A significant number of marketers are not a hundred percent well-versed with activation and events. This can be a huge liability for brands and organizations since event activation is crucial to a good and effective event marketing strategy. The most effective way to achieve this is via centralization. Instead of brands working with a handful of agencies to cover individual facets of marketing, it is better to collaborate with one marketing agency that specializes in handling a wide range of marketing strategies. 

Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited is one such marketing agency based in Ranchi, India that has successfully diversified marketing and excels in various forms of marketing and advertising. It acts as an umbrella and under this umbrella stands different variants of publicity, ranging from Search Engine Optimization (OPC) to the aforementioned Event Marketing. 

Influencivepress and its Events Activation Strategy

Being tech-savvy 

Influencivepress is a Gen-Z marketing agency which means it was founded to cater to the needs of a generation which relies on technology for every move. The methodology of their activities are trendy and up-to-date with the latest wave. Events for brand activation are not the same as advertising where marketers purchase advertising slots for the brand to help it interact with its audience. In real-time events, brands get to engage with their customer face-to-face and get to interact and communicate with them. The best way to maximize brand coverage is through visibility on social media. Since Influencivepress is well acquainted with social media marketing and we know what makes social media tick, we are aware of the ploys we require to adopt in order to make the customers post and promote the event on social media. We encourage the attendees to upload the event happenings on their stories, share pictures and videos and use common hashtags that would increase the visibility of the brand online and in the best case scenario, get it trending on twitter. With the help of creatively designed games that require the usage of technology and audience interaction such as scavenger hunts, Influencivepress can help brands achieve the engagement they require. 

Customisation of Activities

Having a marketable product or service in a party is not enough because it does not excite the people enough. An event needs to be fun and exciting to make the attendees stay and to garner a higher turnout for future events. When it comes to activation and events, people enjoy informal events where they can relax and have fun instead of overly formal events where everyone has to maintain a strict code of conduct. It is essential to remember that companies need to keep their guests entertained throughout the event. Influencivepress uses activities that engage the audience and keep them entertained which helps the brand with their brand loyalty and gives them the power to not only satisfy present customers but also acquire potential customers and incorporate them into their loyal user base. Collaborative games that require customer to brand interaction and customer to customer interaction yield good results. Influencivepress achieves all of that by keeping the product at the focal point of all conversation since the primary goal is to maximize sales and help brands generate profits.

Good Storytelling

Every brand has a theme that it is centred around. It has a story to tell and this is the story that helps them connect with their audience. Good storytelling can change the way things work within a brand: starting from the employees to the staff. Influencivepress helps brands adopt a more personalized approach for their events which is exciting and appealing to the masses. This attracts the attention of the people and makes them curious to learn the story about the brand. Not just small businesses but highly successful business giants such as Tata still keep their story and history as a primary theme of their introduction. Narrating the perfect foundation story, characterizing how the company works and functions, adding interesting details about the employees to connect with the people and dropping slight hints of exciting gossip can work wonders for the brands. Influencivepress manages the activation and events in a way that it tells the story of the brand.

Provision of special VIP benefits

Influencivepress helps businesses host events that are not basic or generic. Special standout events are necessary to keep the people talking about the brand and feel eager to attend the parties it hosts. This is done by offering customers perks that they would not have gotten by interacting with brands on other platforms, be it online or in personal stores. An example of this would be Comic Con merchandise and information. Merchandise that revolves around popular series, comics or animes such as Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, and etcetera are available in stores and online. However, during Comic Cons, the variety of the merchandise is unparalleled and people often get to interact with the ones who were behind the creation of their favourite stories. Established brands host events with exclusive benefits all the time. Similarly, if brands give out exclusive gift cards, discounts or offers in their events as prizes for holding ranks in the interactive but competitive fun activities they conduct, it encourages the people to interact with the brand activities so that they can win those perks. Influencivepress analyzes every facet of a brand’s market and produces an event accordingly so that the event can help the brand maximize its reach and create a phenomenal impression in front of its audience.