Influencer Marketing, Influencer Relationship & Celebrity Management

What is Influencer Marketing?

A relatively newer form of online marketing, influencer marketing is when brands and businesses collaborate with a persona who has a heavy online influence in order to promote their products and services. Brands generally reach out to influencers via their email IDs and a negotiation is held amongst both parties regarding the promotion and the finances. Previously brands would often have to indulge in celebrity endorsements but the price for that can be too steep. What sets influencers apart from traditional celebrities is that anyone can be an influencer on social media, one does not have to fit in a particular category of traits the way celebrities do, thus, making the influencer market more approachable. However, influencers have high amounts of reach and “clout” in today’s digitised generation, thus, the bigger influencers can be categorized under celebrities as well. This is because social media platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube, have become the primary platforms for marketing.

Influencers are real human beings. Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited works to build and maintain a relationship with their marketing partners. The process of overseeing and supporting the relationships formed with content creators for social media marketing and managing interactions with influencers for campaigns in order to upgrade a brand’s image or position in the market is referred to as Influencer Relationship Management. 

Ways in which Influencivepress manages Influencer Relationship

By approaching relevant creators

Working with influencers that are relevant is beneficiary for businesses. The content produced must not come off as unnatural or forced. Influencivepress helps brands collaborate with creators who are relevant to their brand in order to maximize their ROI. For example, if a brand that sells products for fitness works with a blogger whose primary content is comedy, the brand ends up advertising itself to the wrong audience which is why it is important for the creators to be relevant to the brand. Creating organic campaigns with relevant influencers and creators can help in the foundation of customer trust in the correct manner and improve the connection between a brand and an influencer.

Warm engagement with the creator

E-mails might be the more common way by which the process of influencer marketing is carried out, but, a warm outreach strategy will increase a brand’s chances of getting to collaborate with the influencer. As mentioned before, influencers are real human beings, not advertising spaces, thus, engaging with them in a warm and through an informal approach can put a brand ahead of its competitors who are using emails to get a collaborative gig online. This can be done by following, sharing, liking and commenting on the creator’s post on a regular basis so that they a) take notice and b) grow an affinity towards the brand for its warmth. Sending personalized messages are also helpful in this regard. Influencivepress works with businesses to optimize their influencer marketing strategy by maintaining consistent engagement with the creators. This helps the influencer to go through the brand that works with them with the regular compliments on their posts.

Creative Freedom

One of the key factors one must keep in mind is that brands need to allow creators creative freedom. The said influencer has a following because of their persona and content, not because of the promotional campaigns they partake in. Thus, their audience would not be very willing to engage with content that feels overly out of place for the influencer. For the business’ influencer marketing campaign, Influencivepress lets the influencers have their creative freedom when they are marketing or promoting the goods and services because otherwise, their audience will be more susceptible to ignoring that content. Influencers prefer working with brands that give them creative freedom so it might solidify more possible promotional campaigns for the brand with those particular influencers again. 

Through conversations that are transparent

There are certain things one expects from influencers as a brand owner. There are also things that the influencer will be expecting out of the brand and the end result must be beneficiary for both sides. Influencivepress helps the brand communicate with the influencer and mutually negotiate the terms and conditions of the promotional campaign. Businesses must respect their boundaries, needs and desires because this makes the brand easier to work with and results in a better brand image. The creators should be appreciated for the work they have constructed for the brand. The efforts of both parties must be equalized so that more joint collaborations can be birthed between the brand and the creator. 

Offering monetary value

One must remember that irrespective of the bond they have created with the influencers for their influencer marketing campaign, they are professionals who are working for the brand. Hence, Influencivepress offers fair compensation depending on the amount of work and effort they are putting. Even if the influencer the brand is collaborating with is not a very famous one, it is still necessary to extend gratitude above giving out free products and offering them decent monetary value for their work. This creates a huge impact and increases the value of the brand in the influencer circle making more influencers willing to work with it. Through that, the brand gets to increase its sales due to higher promotional content and better relationships. 

Be flexible with time

Brands must respect the time of their influencers. Creators often have plenty of other things to do such as other campaigns, creating their own content, jobs and a social life. Influencivepress takes these factors into consideration when working with a creator. Influencers do not prefer working with businesses that do not respect their time. So, a deadline is negotiated with mutual consent from the influencer instead of assigning them a deadline as per the organization’s personal requirement. The content produced by them is also going to be of higher quality if they have a decent amount of time to work on it and have their creative freedom, thus, benefitting the business’ promotional campaign.