Media Buying and Advertising

Marketing teams often purchase advertising slots and placements in the media for brands. This process is called media buying and advertising. This is done to acquire the highest reach for a brand within the lowest possible time period. Media houses such as televisions, radios and newspapers advertise the material provided to them by brands via their marketing teams. It helps businesses build credibility and popularity for themselves in the market. Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited hosts capable media buyers who excel in negotiating the cost of media for the benefit of their client. Buyers utilize the data and methodology introduced by media planners to make the correct arrangements and execute this process. Media buying is responsible for the purchasing, execution, checking, and improvement of missions. As a media purchaser, Influencivepress locates the best vendors in accordance with the media plan. Advertising slots are frequently purchased on the internet in today’s day and being a Gen-Z marketing agency, Influencivepress is adept at handling such transactions and deals. Their mission is to make your brand “THE BRAND” and they imply their marketing strategies to make that happen for your business.

Influencivepress Digital Media’s Media Buying and Advertising Techniques

Identifying a target audience

The first step every marketing strategist must take is identifying the target audience for the brand. Since society is heterogeneous, it hosts groups of people from various walks of life who have different needs and requirements. An advertising campaign that is marketing itself to the wrong audience is not going to succeed. For example, a brand selling clothing and textiles will not collaborate with sports networks because both categories have a highly different consumer base. Influencivepress works to help you identify your target audience and work with associations and programs that cater to that audience, thus helping your brand acquire awareness amongst the consumers who are likely to give you sales.

Gather information regarding the market

In order to market to the aforementioned target audience, brands require to know which platforms they engage with and which communication channels are prevalent amongst their age group and demographic. An older demographic is more likely to watch television so the best way to reach them would be through TV advertisements, however, younger people seldom watch TV and engage with platforms such as Instagram and YouTube on the regular. Thus, to appeal to a younger market, brands need to publicize their content on the platforms of the youth’s choice. Influencivepress works to understand and analyse consumer behaviour in order to help businesses purchase advertising slots which will be effective for them and optimize their reach and sales. Since media buying and advertising go hand in hand, by purchasing a media slot in the most effective channels, Influencivepress gets to advertise the brand’s products and services.

Identify Competition

A modern-day market is generally monopolistic or works on oligopoly. This means the market is not very highly regulated by higher authorities such as the Government. So, the entry or exit of firms in and out of the market tends to be much laxer. This also signifies that the competition for the businesses within the market is going to be high. Influencivepress can help you identify your competitors and stay two steps ahead of them at all times. It also analyses threats and opportunities in the market that could cause a potential downfall or be beneficiary for you respectively. We identify where your competition is market buying and advertising, where it succeeds and where it falls short and devises the perfect algorithm for success that will work for your brand.

Strategize media buying

Influencivepress picks types of advertising that compares your campaign objectives – print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, video ads on TV, on the web and cinemas, indoor banners and outside announcements, radio advertising, flag and text computerized media, portable advertising, etcetera. We either choose to focus on one channel or we purchase advertising slots from various media proprietors and publicize them simultaneously on the internet, radio and on television. For each media channel, there is a customized message that would fit that particular channel and appeal to their consumers. We can also publicize online. It is done by looking into how automatic media purchasing functions and learning the quirks of real-time bidding.

Negotiating Price

Media buying and advertising is not a free service. A fee must be offered to the media channel for advertising your brand’s products and services. Negotiating the cost for this can be a daunting process. Influencivepress approaches media buying agencies to negotiate for advertising time and space in order to find out what works for your brand the best. It is transparent with the media channels and communicates the objectives of the organization to select the perfect buy which will reach the target audience and profit all three parties involved. When buying digital media, Influencivepress discusses platform fees and cost of service with the Demand-Supply Platform (DSP) provider and works to make sure that there are no hidden costs. Daily/monthly limits are set to adjust the programmatic budget. We attempt to minimize the amount that would be required for the media buy since advertising slots in well-renowned media houses can be too expensive for small businesses. In case they do settle for a fairly more expensive buy, we make sure the customers and sales acquired through that advertisement generate enough money to not only make up for the expenditure but also incur profits for your company.

Measurement of Results

It is necessary to measure and analyse the results of advertisement campaigns to figure out what went wrong and what went right. Certain strategies will work for your brand and some will not cause much of a whirr in the market. Influencivepress uses the data to figure out which strategies were profitable and which were not in order to emphasize on the positive tactics in the future, thus maximizing your brand’s reach and profit incurring prowess. We also boost your campaign with more ad placements for the future and find solutions to the flaws of the campaign in order to minimize all losses and hindrances and keep your brand ahead of its competitors in the market.