Public Relations (PR) and Media Relations

What is Public Relations(PR)?


Public Relations or PR is the process of conducting a range of activities by a team of strategists to promote and safeguard the image of a company or a business. It manages the public opinion of a business, promotes brand image and builds its customer base. Unlike publicity, PR is handled internally whereas publicity is handled externally. It is a communication process between companies which is constructed to benefit the businesses and the public through its intrapersonal relationships. It creates coverage for the company without the need for direct payment, unlike advertising and is referred to as “earned media”.

What is Media Relations?

The act of working or communicating with the media in order to create awareness about a company and to inform the public about an organization and what it has set out to do is categorized under media relations. It is a type of relationship formed by media houses and journalists with a company’s relations team which does not rely on direct advertising, similar to Public Relations. However, it is different from Public Relations in the way that Media Relations work to form a relationship with the media in order to build or accentuate the positive media coverage received by a company while Public Relations(PR) focus on building relationships with the people and the consumers.

How PR can help companies

Brand Awareness

Since PR works primarily with the public, consistent public relations help in amplifying brand awareness. It makes people aware of the existence of budding businesses and helps in increasing the popularity of businesses that are already there in the market. It creates awareness of not just the business but also the products and services that a company is willing to offer. It can also help create traffic in the Google website of the brand by complimenting its strategies with direct marketing and advertising so that it acquires earned media as well as coverage.

Builds customer base

With the company gaining coverage on the media or just via the mouth of the people through PR and advertising, it attracts new customers. These strategies can also help attract older customers back. This works because building relationships with the public makes a business come off as more reliable and trustworthy. This positive ideal of the business is achieved by the public relations team monitoring and regulating the image of the business. It helps them stay ahead of its competitors in the business market.

Attracts Investors

When a company is being projected as a promising and trustworthy company, investors are willing to invest in it with the hopes that when this company achieves success, their investments will help multiply their finances. Investors would never invest in companies they feel are not going to go big in the market because it would result in huge losses for them. With the PR team handling the public perception of a company, investors can learn which company to trust. A positive public image also gives the companies a better position for negotiating with potential investors because advertising can make a business come off as more successful than it is.

How Media Relations can help companies?

Growth of the brand’s online presence

Media relations can improve your brand’s SEO and give you substance to include on your site. In the wake of accepting a media hit, online clients will have the option to find the article on the publication’s site and through web indexes. Moreover, you can guide guests from your own site to ongoing media inclusion with a computerized newsroom and offer the articles via web-based media. Considering media relations as an expansion of your substance showcasing procedure, instead of a different advertising tool will build positive returns and further develop the brand’s online presence.

It presents the business experts as creatives and leaders

Media relations are a vehicle for conveying the most imaginative, groundbreaking thoughts emerging from a business. Also, acquiring a media notice or position gives the business and its specialist’s approval from an outside source. This imparts that the message is valid and dependable, which recognizes it from the wide range of various supported and marked substance going after the consideration of the crowd. In the wake of procuring media consideration over and again, the business will strike a chord when clients need administrations or if writers require a believed industry source.

Increase credibility of the brand

Customers will be faithful to brands and items they believe in. A great many people utilize a similar item, engage with the same organization or association for quite a long time since they build up a brand bond and it very well may be difficult to change over them over to something new. Advertising and marketing can also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thus, making a company more visible to the public by helping it acquire top spots in search engine result pages, be it through publicity or backlinks. This increases the popularity of a brand and when consumers see media channels engaging with particular brands, they believe in the brand and its credibility more that they would had it not gotten coverage from media.

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