Search Engine Marketing

Businesses require a higher spot in search engine result pages due to the need for increased visibility. A key marketing technique that allows them to achieve this is through paid advertisements. Brands pay Google to advertise their organizations online. This is referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SMM). This is different from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the way that SMM is not free of cost. Advertisers use keywords that might be used by people to search for corresponding topics, goods, and services, on servers such as Google and Bing. This helps brands gain higher relevance in the market. These ads are categorized under pay-per-click ads (PPC) and have a versatile format. It can range from visualized and informative ads to small, text-based ads. The biggest advantage of this form of marketing is that it offers people the opportunity to purchase their desires products or services the moment they can because they tend to be pop-up ads that are suggested to consumers as per their digital behaviour. It is the only marketing tactic that can achieve this which is why it tends to be one of the most highly coveted strategies in the market.

Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited offers the aforementioned service in order to optimize the reach of their clients and help them grow their businesses. Since it is a company that has aligned itself to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Self-Reliant India Movement, it strives to help local and upcoming businesses with their marketing needs in order to put it ahead of its competitors in the market and aid their success by maximizing sales and profits. 

Influencivepress’s Search Engine Marketing strategy

The initial entry is low of cost

The initiation phase in marketing can be heavy on the pocket for budding brands and require a large investment or capital. Influencivepress is able to purchase advertisement slots online for brands within a small budget that costa lot lesser than traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail. PPC incurs a cost only when a user clicks on the ad. This is similar to Google Adsense and its advertising where the advertiser gets money when someone clicks on the ad, just the other way round because here, the company is trying to make a sale and incur profits. Since the entry to Search Engine Marketing is priced low, brands gradually move away from traditional forms of marketing once the former starts projecting substantial results. 

Delivery of Qualified Leads

With the correct utilization of this type of marketing, Influencivepress propagates the message that will strike the right chord with its target audience. For example, if their client is a business that is a bakery house based in Bengaluru, it will appear on search engine result pages when a potential customer searches for bakeries in Bengaluru on their server. However, the visibility of the client’s website depends on pay-per-click ads where the cost is incurred only for those consumers that arrive on the website. This is because such traffic is generally a consumer base who are on the website for the primary reason to make the purchase so it acts as a simultaneous process of selling and buying. Subsequently, they set the sum that the brand has to pay per click. This canrange from a very short budget to a moderate budget, depending on what the brand is looking for. This relies upon how much rivalry is there for those catchphrases, keywords, and anchor texts. Influencivepress sets a cap on the daily limit for the brand’s expenditure on what it needs to spend on its PPC endeavors. This will help monitor advertising costs. 

Acquiring Information 

In today’s digitized age and time, everyone heavily relies on search engines and servers to acquire the information they require. According to recently conducted research and studies, an approximate percentage of 74% of people rely on search engines for their information. People are not engaging with newspaper ads or placards anymore, especially the youth. Marketing a produce to the youth that is dependent on more traditional forms of marketing barely yield results because the older population is the only demographic that is susceptible to interacting with newspaper ads and such. This enhances the necessity for Search Engine Marketing which is why Influencivepress should be the go-to marketing agency for upcoming businesses in the market. Google is the primary server that people use for their information and Influencivepress is well-versed with their marketing and with the functioning of Google. Thus, we are capable of helping brands become visible on google search pages. 

Huge advantage against competitors

Let’s say your competitors are ahead of you in the race for success in the business market via a phenomenal Search Engine Optimization strategy. Influencivepress can help your brand outdo your peers and rivals through their paid advertisements and pay-per-click ads. On the off-chance your competitors are using paid advertisements as well, you would require a marketing strategy that is good enough to outdo them. Most companies tend to not use their marketing to its optimum and there is a high chance your competitors fall under that category. Influencivepress excels in a variety of marketing and advertising strategies and all those tactics combined with a phenomenal Search Engine Marketing is sure to put your brand ahead of other brands. It gives you a competitive edge over other less-savvy businesses in the same market as yours and over the more advanced ones with the perfect amalgamation of all the marketing services offered by Influencivepress. 

Reach your target audience

Influencivepress helps you communicate and engage with your target audience in a way much more effective than what your brand would experience via more traditional forms of marketing. This is because of the cost incurred. The pricing of traditional advertisement can be extremely steep whereas advertising on Google Adwords will not cost you a thing until someone clicks on your pay-per-click ad. Influencivepress helps you formulate ads and advertise them in a way that you can communicate your ads at a substantial level with those who will make purchases from your brands. We aid you to interact directly with the targeted audience.