Paid marketing involves the process of media buying. In media buying, ad space is purchased from particular media houses that cater to an audience that the brand wants to engage with. For example, if a brand manufactures sports gear, it will buy ad space in sports channels because a significant portion of the demographic that is engaging with a sports channel is involved in sports. That brand will not purchase an advertising slot in a music or daily soap channel because that is not their target audience. It is also important that brands get this gig of media buying within the smallest budget possible. The price is negotiated by the media buyer itself and they decide get to pick the placement of the ad. This process is relevant both to the old-school of marketing and to the new-school of digital marketing. So, media buying in 2024 can work on the basis of the more tradition news routes such as newspapers and radio while being relevant on digital marketing platforms such as social media and Google. When this process is carried out in the correct manner and optimized effectively, it can help brands achieve extremely high media exposure and cater to their target audience within a very low budget.

Media Buying Strategies

In every media buying campaign, there are four key stages that make this campaign a success. Those stages are:

1. Preparation
2. Campaign Creation
3. Optimization
4. Scale Stage

Preparation Stage

The ad campaigning process is an extensive work that requires the brand or the buyer to facilitate a wide range of things. So, it is essential to organize the entire campaign in the first stage. Preparation should be the primary priority for the advertisement campaign of an organization. Start with choosing the correct form of media that extensively caters to the audience you want to get involved with. This decision can make or break the future campaigns of your brand.

Campaign Creation

After the organizational procedure, brands must focus on creating the campaign for their advertisement. For this, the content type, the target audience and the marketing strategy have to be sorted out. These marketing strategies and bidding values differ from business to business depending on their target audience, format and location. The moment when the amount to be offered is finally chosen, a few organizations like to get speedy outcomes by picking a thin objective and setting up a higher offer. All the while, different promoters centre themselves on accepting a lot of customer data.


The importance of Search Engine Optimization is established. However, it is not the only method of optimizing the media buying campaign of a brand. You need to get high amounts of traffic to your site. Correct ad positioning with the relevant media house, efficient bidding strategies and the media house you are in a partnership with for the campaign are definitive factors in the optimization stage that establish the importance of media buying in 2024.

Scale Stage

At this stage, your brand is already well versed with its bids and how it should bid to its partners so as to get the highest paying offer. At this point, you are also well versed with the return of investment your brand in acquiring from the media buying. Thus, you can gradually start raising your bids little by little. Increase it by a five or ten percent rate and then assess its result and the impact it has on the performance rate of your brand. Ad capping can help your brand increase its traffic rates and the entire increment helps to increase your earnings or profits. Moving to other geographical networks also increases both the traffic and the profits.

Importance of Media Buying

Gets the best deals

Media buyers regularly have a wide organization of connections, which they can use to amplify the value of the brand venture. Media buying experts are knowledgeable in exchange procedures and regular industry guidelines, for example, the normal expense of leads or what brand introduction should cost. Media buyers can likewise, help broaden the advantages of an arrangement. In promoting the expressions “value-added” or “added value” allude to advertisement space or impressions attached to an arrangement without charge. Experienced media buyers can arrange costs to expand reach or recurrence and can frequently get value added at media channels they have worked with before.

Get the best slots

Media buyers comprehend where your publicizing money should be spent, and which situations will in general get the most commitment. Media buyers remain mindful of patterns and world occasions, (for example, the Olympics or political missions) that may impact promotion accessibility and acquire advertising placements directly into the agreement to ensure advertisements are conveyed as guaranteed.

Planning Campaigns with the Best Practices

Media buyers comprehend what systems will best prompt transformations (for instance: setting promotions at a specific season of the day). Media buyers have experience working across distributors and channels. They bring the accepted procedures they learned in past missions and can apply them as they negotiate advertisement positions for maximum returns. Such reasons increase the importance of media buying in 2024.

Tips for Media Buyers for Negotiation


Media buyers must find out the cost of the leads in their industry, the prices that will be incurred for standard ad placements across various sites and the types of ads and their display sizes that will be capable of working the best across those channels.

Financing and Budgeting

Media planning is negotiating for ad space to reach a target audience with the help of a minimal budget. Media planners need to create this budget accordingly and figure out and which points are the willing to pay a premium amount and how to minimize the expenditure from the other departments.

Having a Backup Plan

The most grounded playing card in any negotiation for media buying in 2024 is a backup plan. There might be a distributor or broadcasting company that you might truly want to work with, yet you find they are completely reserved or out of your value range. Media buyers ought to consistently set up extra choices to guarantee quick answers for unanticipated buying issues. Besides, know when you are eager to step back and work with different alternatives. This gives you more influence when arranging cost or arrangement.