Website Design and Development

The science and art of creating a website and producing the layout for it is referred to as website design and development. The way a user experiences a website through visualization is categorized under designing. It deals with the process of selecting tones, graphics, illustrations, fonts, sizing, spacing, etcetera for the website and implementing it as a part of the designing procedure. These are visually appealing interactive features that function to make a site better to look at and helps in increasing traffic. Initially, web designing mostly pertained to PCs and desktops but since the mid-2010s, the importance for mobile and tab web designing has shot up by a steep margin.

The key difference between web development and design is that developing a website lays down the foundation of the website. It is the building and maintenance of the site which is required for a website to work in a user-friendly fashion. It helps make the website operate fast and seamlessly in order to ensure a smooth user experience. Web designing is a sub-part of web development. Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited offers services for both designing and the development of websites. It works with brands in order to develop quality websites and design them in order to help brands attract more people to their websites while giving the customers an efficient user experience where they get to interact with the brand they are engaging with.

How Influencivepress helps brands with their Web Development


To develop a website, it is essential to know programming languages. Influencivepress works with a website design and development team that is efficient at handling computer programming languages, thus, helping businesses develop their websites. Web developers often possess other skillsets such as Graphic Designing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The aforementioned services are also offered by Influencivepress. They are dedicated to the maintenance of the sites and ensure that the websites they develop for their clients provide a seamless and secure experience to its users and is easy to navigate. Since more traffic can cause the websites to crash, they also look into these aspects in order to run the sites smoothly. The system and its components are thoroughly tested as well in order to identify whether it meets the objectives of the brand or not. Gaps and errors are minimized and omitted from the websites.


The security of a site must be considered. Influencivepress works to filter output forms, encrypt information and check the data entry. They prevent unethical practices such as hacking from tracking consumer information such as their passwords, e-mail addresses and debit/card numbers. They encourage testing of web-based applications before a release to prevent the exploitation of private information by procedures such as the inclusion of a captcha field which can help prevent mail spamming. They harden the server port in order to prevent fraud and are well acquainted with information technology security concerns. Ergo, they are more than capable of helping their clients with their web development and ensure complete safety.

How Influencivepress helps brands with their Web Designing

Identifying the goal

Website design and development are categorized under the same umbrella since web developers generally require to possess the skill necessary to design websites. When doing the latter, Influencivepress helps brands identify their goals first. They help figure out who the website is for, what one can expect from it, whether it must incur sales or entertain the audience, what message does it need to propagate about the brand and how it can outdo its competitor sites. This is the primary step for designing a website because it lays down the foundation for the site.

Content Creation

Influencivepress has been very vocal about its content creation services. Readers have a short attention span. Even though long-form content can be more beneficial for marketing, small businesses can profit off of short-form content more since people are attracted to catchy headlines, intriguing captions and crisp passages. Also, people generally tend to consume longer content when the website is a popular and trusted source for information so, Influencivepress helps budding businesses create something that will attract traffic in a whim. Content is key when it comes to building an engagement with the audience and attract potential consumers as well.


Any content requires a boost from the search engine in order to hold top spots in search engine result pages. In the case of small businesses, search engine optimization or SEO becomes a very necessary tool to act as a catalyst for them. Influencivepress specializes in providing SEO services to its clients and helps it gain popularity and relevance over its peers and competitors. They use catchy keywords and anchor texts from Google Keyword Planner to help their clients. Search engines are developing and getting smarter as technology progresses. Thus, Influencivepress works to keep your content trendy and fresh as a part of their content strategy so that servers getting cleverer work in the favour of the brand.


Web design and development is much more than just being technical. The main factor and appeal of designing is the creativity involved. Influencivepress hosts a team of highly creative visionaries who are dedicated to creating an attractive website for the brand. The design procedure involves the selection and usage of the correct layouts, fonts, illustrations and colours. People like to see images for reference because it is both, attractive and reliable. It also makes the content more fun to consume and increases engagement and ROI.

Testing and Launch

Influencivepress ensures if all the links are working, if the content is generating and if the user experience is friendly. The website must load properly on all the browsers and devices. All the aspects are tested thoroughly before the main event – the website launch. Once the brand is satisfied with the website, it is launched into the World Wide Web. Since maintenance is a part of the development process of websites, Influencivepress observe analytics, indulge in regular testing of fresh and newer content and keep refining the messaging of the website.