WhatsApp Messenger, also known as WhatsApp, is an open-source cross-platform centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP application owned by Facebook. It allows users to chat, send voice messages, and do voice and video calls. Used can share different file types as well as locations. This application runs on mobile devices and can be accessed from other devices.

Since Facebook bought the application in 2014, the application has had many changes. With constant updates and new features, it has become a platform similar to other social media. The only factor that remains an exception is the privacy feature. The application uses end-to-end encryption, which focuses on the privacy of every user. In the past few years, many new and interesting changes have been introduced, and the beta version of the application is always experimenting with introducing new things to the users. In this article, we will specifically talk about the new application feature of WhatsApp rolling out profile icons within group chats on the Android Beta.

What is WhatsApp rolling out profile icons within group chats on the Android Beta?

After delivering the profile symbols inside bunch talks for Apple users, the famous Meta-owned texting application currently carries out this element to Android users. It is now accessible for a few good beta testers that introduce the most recent update of WhatsApp beta for Android from the Play Store. 

It was reported that the element was proactively delivered in a past update for the beta application for iOS. Yet, it was under progress for Android devices, and there was news on the improvement of this feature just now. Presently, the application is, at last, carrying out profile symbols within groups for Android devices.

It was also reported that to view the profile symbols inside group chats, you really want to open a group chat visit to find that the feature is accessible for your WhatsApp account. This component will assist users with further developing the identification of group users and make it simpler to participate in group discussions. It also helps everyone rapidly recognize various individuals because of their profile symbol. 

The profile symbol is particularly valuable when group individuals share similar names or don’t have a display picture. Specifically, the application will show a default void profile photograph when a group member doesn’t have a display picture or is covered up. This default symbol is effectively conspicuous because of its unique qualities, including its tone, which is the same as the corresponding contact name.

The element that adds profile symbols to group chats is accessible for a few beta users for the present to introduce the most recent update of WhatsApp beta for Android on the Play Store. Suppose the feature isn’t supported for your account. In that case, you don’t need to worry about it because it will be available for all Android devices, even those with older versions. 



Those mentioned above are the details regarding the latest update of the WhatsApp application. As mentioned, it is not available for all application uses. Hence, everyone needs patience until the update finally gets released within the application. Currently, the application is under testing process, so according to various the official release date of this feature has yet to be announced to the community.